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2006Lincoln LS


 H-CAD software application

H-CAD key information

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H-CAD software application
 - is Automatic wire harness MFG process design tool through systematic conversion from car maker's original drawing/spec to manufacturer's workable drawing/list.

Main Characteristics:
 - Efficient MFG process design capability using design standard and library
 - The same and assured design quality by both of people skillful and unskillful
 - Capable of keeping powerful material library and design superiority
 - Capable of interface with ERP system
 - Automatic and speedy generation of MFG process materials and reports -> Spec comparison/management, cutting tag, quotation and so on
 - Ensure of the fastest skill enhancement for engineering resources
 - A powerful system proven by several harness makers in Korea
 - Workable based on general PC and Auto-CAD
 - Lower price than other system requiring expensive server and DB S/W

Major effectiveness from H-CAD:
 - Standardization: MFG process design
 - Simplicity: Design procedure
 - Fast speed: MFG process development
 - Integration: All data to library and DB
 - Reliability: MFG process quality
 - Accuracy: Design review & assessment
 - Economic cost: Systematic MFG process design and build-up

--> More project opportunity from car maker, thanks to:
 - Highly advanced technological application
 - Agile and systematic response to car maker's design change

DNS (Design and Simulation) software application

DNS key information

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 - is an innovative system in automotive wiring harness industry, which is capable of minimizing the development time by analyzing the electrical performance in advance during the design phases through automation of wiring design and simulation and
 - is capable of supporting the product development and manufacturing by focusing on low cost and high quality through the qualified drawing

Major effectiveness from in-process of DNS:
 - Standardization of design
 - Simplification of procedure
 - Speed-up of processing
 - Integration of data
 - Reliability enhancement of design and data
 - Accurate design verification capability
 - Development time reduction
 - Development cost reduction




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