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애질런트 E6651A 모바일 WiMAX 테스트 세트

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 ST Systems Co.
            #103, Sangga-Dong, Hugok-7, Kintex-Ro 410,  Ilsanseo-Gu,
            Goyang-Si, Gyunggi-Do, 10371, Republic of Korea
            TEL) 82-31-906-7806    FAX) 82-31-601-3021   
            Email) sales@stsystems.co.kr
            Website) www.stsystems.co.kr

            Key Contact Person :
            David Shin- 신동석 (Mobile) 82-10-5443-9806, (Email) davidshin@stsystems.co.kr
                                                                                         or,  dsshin9806@naver.com

            Location :

How to reach to ST Systems

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 ST Systems TH Co. For Thailand and Malaysia
            Number One Building, 96-305, 6/888-9, Moo 8, Ramkhamhang2 Rd.,
            Dok Mai, Prawet, Bangkok, 10250, Thailand
            TEL) 66-8-6863-7789    FAX) 82-31-601-3021   
            Email) katy.phimrin@stsystems.co.kr or sales_st_th@hotmail.com

            Key Contact Person :
            Katy Phimrin- (Mobile) 66-8-6863-7789, (Email) katy.phimrin@stsystems.co.kr




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Address:: #103, Sangga-Dong, Hugok-7, Kintex-Ro 410, Ilsanseo-Gu, Goyang-Si, Gyunggi-Do, 10371, Republic of Korea

TEL: 82-31-906-7806    FAX: 82-31-601-3021    Email: sales@stsystems.co.kr    
Mobile: 82-10-5443-9806 (David)