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2006Lincoln LS


 Circuit Protection





High Performance 





Circuit Breakers (CBE: Circuit Breaker for Equipment)
   (Brand: E-T-A, in Germany):
    - For more details, pls make access to www.e-t-a.com.sg
       and Datasheets.

  - Thermal Circuit Breakers
     (1610, 1160, 1626, 3120-F and Etc.)

  - Thermal-Magnetic Circuit Breakers
    (2210-T, 3500 and Etc.)

  - Hydraulic-Magnetic or Magnetic Circuit Breakers
     (8340-G2, 8345 and Etc.)

   - High Performance Circuit Breakers
     (452, 482, 483, RCCB 4930 and Etc.)

   - Electronic Circuit Breakers
     (ESS20, ESX10-T, ESS20 & 17Plus and Etc.)




Battery Isolation Switch &
Power Relay 


SSR (Solid State Relay)


Custom Solution with CBEs  


OverCurrent Detectors 



Battery Isolation Switch, Power Relay, SSR and
  Custom Soltuion as well as OverCurrent Detectors
    - For more details, pls make access to www.e-t-a.com.sg
       and Datasheets.

  -  Battery Isolation Switch (BMS01 and Etc.) and
      Power Relay (PR60 and Etc.)

  - SSR (Solid State Relay)
     (E-1048-8D, E-1048-8I, E-1048-8S and Etc.)

   - Custom Solution
      (Based on customer requirement and needs)

   - Hall Effect OverCurrent Detectors
     (TD, 9001)



Note: Some general Information:

   * SSR
    - Technical Information (E-1048-8x)- English: for download 
    - Technical Information (E-1048-8x)- Korean: for download

    * Battery Isolation Switch
    - General Information (BMS01) : for download
    - Technical Information (BMS01) : for download




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